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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Venta Cemetary

Its been awhile, I know.  We have been on the move.  Since arriving in Kourna we have rescued Koss, which was laughably easy.  I thought it was a trap, but it seems they've underestimated us.  They will not do so again.  We've also run on some light sunspear rescue missions, but now that we have them all we have to evacuate them.  This will prove a problem, because our path the boats is heavily guarded.
Our task at hand is to neutralize every one of the twelve guard posts on the way to Koss' contact.  Seems simple enough in such a large area but  it is teeming with enemies, and directly in the center is a huge fortress that will seige us  if we are spotted.  We must do it quickly.    There are also traps.  Sentry trap that fling sharp projectiles on a timed sequence.  Luckily Rojis teaches me how to disarm them, crafty sunspear.

 We leave from the command post with our sunspears.  We wipe out the first command post as quickly as we can, and move on to the next, and the next.  We flank patrol groups of corsairs and kournans and send them to the mists.  We edge the perimiters, we are definitely no match for what the fortress would have in store for us.  Finally we wipe out the last of the towers, and move towards Koss' contact.

We get to the boats and there stands a woman, Corsair to the bone.  I do not trust her, but Koss says she is not a loyal corsair.  She goes where the money is, and at the moment, the money is with us.  They know eachother well I can tell, so I let go of my better judgement and we board the ship to Kamadan to give our findings to the Council.  They will not be happy, we are at open war with Varesh


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