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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Imperial Sanctum

 We arrive in the garden.  The sky is hiding behind clouds of orange and yellow and gray.  Shiro stands with Togo atop the steps, and we are come from kuunavang with our gifts of skill.  He sees us and smiles.
 Slashing Togo's throat faster than we can make it through the gates, Shiro slowly changes from transparent to solid.  He is mortal now, he is human.  This means we can kill him, but at the loss of Togo.  A selfless sacrifice to be sure.  We battle him, he recouperates quickly and banishes some team members to the mist only to be replaced by a Shiro'ken.  Quickly we realize that destruction of the shiro'ken will restore them to us.  The battle continues for what seems like hours, back and forth the advantages are gained and lost until Shiro is weakened.  He had forgotten his mortal bound body will not accept the physical strains he attempts to it, and we outnumber him.  With a final blow, he is defeated, and his corpse falls to the floor.  The mist he will return, to stay hopefully this time.
We meet Suun in the temple.  Everyone is having trouble deciding how to feel.  Excited about our great victory, but grieved at the death of our Master Togo, we collect our weaponry gifts and go.  Cantha was a beautiful world, but it is not a place I would like to stay.  I need some sunshine, and perhaps another adventure.  I heard news of stirrings in Elona, perhaps I will charter a boat there. To Elona!

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