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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raisu Palace

A group of four.  We are the end of Shiro. We arrive at the palace to find it seemingly abandoned.  The gates are all locked upon the way but we see Shiro'ken.  These Shiro'ken appear to be at ease, they must have been here for awhile.
This only means that Shiro is already within the palace.  He wants the emperors head so that he may be mortal again.  Though this seems a good thing for him, it is good for as aswell, because mortal we can kill.  Kuunavang gives us great gifts of skill we will need to be victorious, and we go on our way.

We move through the chambers one by one killing his generals.  We lose Cynn and Danika on the way, they stay behind to keep us able to move forward, and godspeed we make it before they fall.  In the final chamber before the throne room we find acid traps dripping from the ceiling.  Careful to avoid at best we run through and defeat the final shiro'ken gate guard and enter the palace room. Unbeknownst to us, shiro has laid several guards within the room with him, and we fight to slay the all while Togo runs off to the emperor, his brother.
Seeing Togo, Shiro seems pleased.  He has no learned through fault that Togo and the emperor are brothers, and all he needs is blood of the chosen.  He cripples togo, and takes him to the yard.  We cannot follow immediately, fighting waves of shiro'ken off.  We must save Togo now.  I cannot leave him to die like Rurik.

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