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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unwaking Waters

In to the jade whirlpool.  Mhenlo led us to the harvest temple, theres been an awful occurance.  The emperor has taken Shiro on as a body guard.  Can you believe that?? Shiro! A bodyguard.
 He was allowed entrance to the harvest temple, but the guards say he was acting most strange. Stranger than allowing a murdering ghost to be on your team? I would think not.
 We begin our descent through the jade maze of the harvest temple.  An old friend joins me, his skills have become quite honed over the years and the help is always a welcome sight. 
 We are attacked by afflicted creatures the entire way down as we run in circles trying to attack or appease the great dragon, Kuunavang.  Finally he takes us in to the central chamber of the temple where he speaks.
 We cannot hope to defeat Shiro if we cannot deem ourselves worthy to Kuunavang and recieve gifts. He attacks us with poison flames and weakens us with his scales but we hold strong and are victorious.  He tells us there is massive unreset within the palace, the emperor himself is under attack and we must hurry.  Shiro attacks for the final time.

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