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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eternal Grove

We arrived in the eternal grove but our negotiations were not met well.   The Kurzicks were amidst a war with the luxon over the Eternal Trees, and they all believed the afflicted to be gone when we battled Shiro in the sewers.
They lock us up in the keep when the Luxons approach in attack, turtles the size of houses with large cannons attached to their back slowly waddle forward.  A sight of terror, if not so awkwardly humorous!

The Kurzicks beg for us to protect their beloved tree singers, who keep the trees in bloom for eternities.  We fend off wave after wave of luxon, until a curious sight.  A soldier is approaching the base waving a white flag of surrender.  This sudden change of events have me very confused.
As per war rules, the Kurzick count themselves victorious.  They belive the Luxons are surrendering because of their might, and they herd them in to the gates as prisoners.  They beg as they enter to fight alongside us.  There are afflicted coming, and alone we will all surely perish.
Infinite mobs of them begin to come down the mossy hills, a smell most foul fills the air.  We fight together, finally, as we need to if we wish to survive Shiro.
Leaving no afflicted moving, we gain our promises from both the kurzick and the luxon tribes to be at peace, even if only for a short time. Afflicted blood soaks the grounds by their forever trees, but the singers remain unharmed.  Count this a victory for humanity now.

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