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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunjiang District

We are in Sunjiang.  Shiro has chosen this to be his  entrance to the mortal world.  Portals of icy blue set orbs along the causeways and lines of mystical blue connect them all.  Within the center orb lies Shiro, and he is meditating. 
Concentrating all his power on these orbs he sets afflicted puppets all over blocking us .  Master Togo notices at every portal lies a spirit guardian, and if we send it back to the mists the portal will most likely close.  It is worth a shot.

The afflicted stand before us, but I have the Spear of Archemorus.  My golden sunray of a weapon giving me the damage boosts I need to fly through the portals and destroy the guardians.  As soon as the last is destroyed though, Shiro snaps out of his trance and teleports us to the center where has amassed great constructs of foes. 
Floating, daunting, they stand his protection while we look upon eachother silently for a battle plan.  I uncover my longbow and attract the first construct.  The great ranger construct floats with his bow towards us and starts robotically attacking.   We lay him down and I attract the next until all four are at our feet.
Shiro vanishes upon the spear.  Our team is sure he has returned to the mists, but the Envoys tell us he will be back, and he will be out for vengeance.
Togo and Mhenlo decide we must prepare for his coming, and they fan out in an attempt to reunite the Kurzick tribes with the Luxon clans so that they may fight as one as they did 200 years ago when Shiro lived as a mortal. It is a longshot, but for the moment we may rest.

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